Christian A. Dumais Salon interview

Christian A. Dumais Drunk Hulk

In  case you missed, I killed @DRUNKHULK on Monday. Apparently it was a big deal and made a lot of people unhappy. How could I do this? What will a post-Drunk Hulk world look like? Will David Lynch bring back Drunk Hulk in 25 years?

Mary Elizabeth Williams over at Salon interviewed me about why I did it and what it’s been like being Drunk Hulk for five long years. It was a great interview. I even plugged Poland…

Were you surprised at how people connected with this Twitter personality? What’s it like having a character who’s famous, while working on your own standup and writing? 

I’m always continually amazed at how people have responded to Drunk Hulk. It’s been really gratifying.

As for being THAT guy, well, this is where I have my geographical disadvantage. While Twitter is slowly becoming more popular in Poland, it’s still overlooked. I think a lot of it has to do with Polish being so loquacious that by the time they type the third word they’ve run out of characters. So being Drunk Hulk in Poland is like being the exact opposite of David Hasselhoff in Germany.

Read the whole thing here.

And a big thank you to Mary Elizabeth Williams. You should follower her on Twitter.