Christian A. Dumais


If you just realized that it’s Valentine’s Day and you forgot to get something for your loved one(s), don’t fret. Simply print out one or all of these coupons and put it under his/her pillow. Problem solved. And yes, you’re welcome!

One Free Make Out Session on my Parents Bed One Free Classy Orgasm One Free Naked Photo with a Side of Pancakes One Free Sexual Experience Wearing My Sexiest Pair of Crocs One Free Sext with a Promise to Express my Emoticons One Free Promise to Bing You Instead of Googling Myself One Free Promise to Invade Your Heart Without An Exit Strategy One Free Promise Not to Spend Nine Years Telling Our Kids How I Met You One Free Uncomfortably Long Hug One Free Kiss with a Balloon Animal of Your Choosing One Free Awkward Spooning Session One Free Sexual Experience While a Clown Watches

And for all the single people out there, Drunk Hulk has you covered too. Check out some of his pick up lines…

Drunk Hulk’s Best Pick Up Lines 1

Drunk Hulk’s Best Pick Up Lines 2