Christian A. Dumais


  1. Ruprecht


    I’ve been a fan of DrunkHulk for the better part of the year.

    Here’s to a prosperous 2012 for him … !!!

  2. dnm

    Wait, they gave away drunk hulk’s true identity? My world is shattered.

  3. @simonlindmark

    This one cracked me up, tweeted when the feed was filled with lousy 11.11.11.-tweets. Perfect! DRUNK HULK EAT 11 EGG! 11 PANCAKE! AND 11 SAUSAGE “FOR BRUNCH! CAUSE TODAY SPECIAL! TODAY FRIDAY!”

  4. Christian A. Dumais

    DNM: I was outed by MediaBistro back in July of 2010. Plus, I’m the only one DH follows on Twitter. I honestly didn’t think it was a secret anymore. Either way, sorry to shatter your world.

  5. Chris Reimer

    God bless you Drunkhulk!

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