Dudikoff and Commissioner Gordon

Last December, we decided that things weren’t crazy enough with all the changes happening in our life, and we went out and bought a second Shih Tzu. There were dozens of puppies available at the breeder and it was difficult to choose only one with all the overwhelming cuteness on display. Luckily for us, we chose a little brown furball and named him Commissioner Gordon.

Initially, Dudikoff wasn’t exactly pleased with our decision, but he’s come around since then. And both dogs have become best friends.

Below are some recent pictures my wife has taken of our boys.

Dudikoff with one of his favorite toys.

Commissioner Gordon in his natural environment.

Commissioner Gordon and Dudikoff.

Commissioner Gordon and Dudikoff again.

Commissioner Gordon is just over 5 months old and weighs 5 kg (11 pounds). Yes, he is a fat bastard.

Dudikoff will be 4 years old in March.

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