Every WTF with Marc Maron…

I’m a big fan of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast and I’ve spent weeks binging on his numerous interviews with famous comedians and celebrities. After a while, I started to notice some patterns with the way he deals with his guests, and I took down some notes.

Below is my interpretation of every WTF with Marc Maron.

◊                                        ◊                                             ◊

00:00:44 – Maron begins a rant.

00:02:17 – A cat is mentioned.

00:08:21 – The rant’s length becomes uncomfortable.

00:10:33 – Maron plugs a product.

00:12:29 – The interview begins.

00:14:07 – Maron defends/apologizes for his garage.

00:15:15 – The guest comes out of the closet and/or there is a brief discussion about vitamins.

00:16:54 – Maron finally tells the audience who he’s talking to.

00:17:05 – The guest is surprised to learn that Maron had been recording all this time.

00:19:09 – Maron asks for the guest’s age. Then states whether he is younger or older than the guest.

00:22:38 – Maron admits to a false preconception of the guest, and that when he said the guest was sad/angry/pretentious/selfish that he was merely “projecting.”

00:24:35 – Maron talks about the guest’s “trajectory.”

00:26:47 – Maron asks if the guest is Jewish.

00:28:43 – Maron identifies with the guest’s dysfunctional family past or acknowledges that he is unable to understand the guest’s well adjusted life.

00:29:02 – Maron confesses that his mother had an eating disorder and his father was manic-depressive.

00:31:57 – Maron admits that he doesn’t know much about British comedy.

00:34:01 – Maron plugs A&E Hoarders and his conflicting emotions with the show.

00:35:52 – Maron wonders briefly if he is a hoarder too.

00:37:20 – The guest mentions Lorne Michaels.

00:37:25 – Maron tells the story about the one time he met Michaels.

00:39:25 – Maron is disappointed to not learn anything new about Michaels from the guest.

00:40:12 – If you’re the kind of guest who smashes things on stage with a large hammer, this is when you can walk off.

00:44:01 – Maron considers the guest’s experience with his/her own children to reevaluate whether or not he wants to have a child with his girlfriend.

00:51:59 – Maron introduces his rapid-fire “Yeah-yeah-yeah” to the conversation.

00:53:34 – If the guest is a comedian who has returned to defend his reputation, this is where the guest offers a half apology without fully taking any responsibility for what he’s done.

00:57:29 – Like a Raymond Carver story, an epiphany is reached.

01:04:53 – Maron asks, “Are we good?”

01:13:37 – The guest is surprised/disappointed that the interview was/wasn’t therapeutic.

01:15:41 – Maron thanks the guest.

◊                                        ◊                                             ◊


  1. PJ

    I’ve just started listening to WTF with Marc Maron the past month and have to say this is incredibly spot on! Marc just tweeted your post, he jus done got zinged by da puffchrissy!

  2. Marcin Kraszewski

    You have really done a great job of summarizing the last 200 episodes of WTF. I am also a fan of the show, and have noticed a pattern as well. Great job for going the extra step and writing this pleasant article.

  3. Hilarity in Shoes

    This is amazing. I love Maron, and I love the show–this was so painfully spot-on that I hope it doesn’t ruin it for me like it did when someone pointed out the formula used in every Seinfeld episode. Or that thing about Santa Claus.

  4. Jonathan Cohen

    Hi Christian,

    I just read the Jay Kang piece after first coming across your article here last week.

    While I agree it’s a little bit suspicious that he came up with the same time stamp/Marc Maron Podcast concept just a week after you did it, if he was intentionally going to rip you off his end product would have been funnier/more insightful.

    What he wrote wasn’t horrible, but I felt after he was just trying to support his broad thesis, while what you wrote actually reflects the patterns and tone of the show.

    – Jonathan

    (Though Kang could be a little more gracious about than he’s being on Twitter.)

    In any case, Kang’s peice is fine

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