I’ll be at this Open Mic tonight!

World Wide Comedy

Welcome to 2014, the year to try something new. The year you stopped thinking “I’ve always wanted to” and just did it. The year you sent an e-mail to open-mic@famousjimwilliams.com and put your name on the list for the first open-mic of the new year because YOU’re a go-getter and a man/woman of action!

… Or maybe this is the year you decide to get off facebook, put on your big boy/girl pants, leave your house, and attend a live social event where there will be other living, breathing people. Look, we’re not judging. Everyone has their own goals.

Whatever your situation, and whether you’re an expat, Erasmus student, or an English-speaking Polish person, we welcome you to Niebo Cafe on Monday, January 20th, to watch fresh new comedy in the making. First-timers as well as seasoned performers will get 5 minutes on stage to make YOU laugh.

Interested in getting on stage? write to open-mic@famousjimwilliams.com. You’ll receive a free beer and the admiration of everyone around you because YOU took life by the balls.

If you prefer to just watch, that’s fine too. You’ll have to pay for your beer. BUT, you’ll get to potentially witness the birth of an undiscovered talent. Best of all? It’s FREE!


Date: Monday, January 20th
Time: 8pm
Place: Niebo Cafe (Ruska 51 (Pasaż Niepolda), Wroclaw
Tickets: Free admission

More info here.