Joe Lhota: “Drunk Hulk is the best.”

Joe Lhota, the ex-head of the MTA, is currently running for mayor of New York City as a Republican. Now, normally – outside of the more cartoonish, scandal-ridden candidates – I wouldn’t know much about New York City politics; however, I know of Lhota because he’s a huge fan of Drunk Hulk. I know this because very few reporters seem to write about Lhota without mentioning that fact.

I listened to an NPR story yesterday because I was interested in hearing what Lhota sounded like and what his ideas were after reading about him for so long. And I shouldn’t have been surprised when – at the 5:45 mark – the reporter asked him about Drunk Hulk. Lhota, without hesitation, said, “I love Drunk Hulk. Drunk Hulk is the best. I gotta meet this guy!”

I’m really fascinated by how Drunk Hulk seemingly pops up in the strangest places, whether it’s Anthony Bourdain namedropping him in Rolling Stone or a NYC mayoral candidate mentioning how he wants to meet him. It’s personally gratifying, but more importantly, it’s fun to watch DH take on a life of his own.

Give the NPR story a listen.

Joe Lhota Drunk Hulk

– Picture credit: Jim O’Grady/WNYC

And then there’s this back and forth between WNYC’s Kate Hinds, Drunk Hulk and eventually the aforementioned story’s writer, Jim O’ Grady, which made me happy.

Drunk Hulk vs. NPR