Puff Chrissy’s Chili Ginger Jam!

It’s been a while since I checked in with some of my recent cooking adventures. One of the things I love to have from time to time is So!Go’s Chilli and Ginger Jam, but the price for it, especially here in Poland, can be crazy expensive. So like anything that I love that I either can’t get because of geography (like Key Lime Pie or chocolate chips) or because it’s too expensive (anything that tastes mindbendingly awesome), I learn how to make it.

And so, I decided to make my own Chili Ginger jam.

Picture 002

The cool thing about this sort of thing is that you end up making a ton more than what you’d be getting at the store, which is why my refrigerator is full of jam. I even debated how many jars to buy and, of course, I didn’t buy enough. So instead of the 340 grams I’d be getting at the store, I now have about 1.4 kilograms worth of the stuff.

And amazingly enough, it tastes so similar to the store brand it’s crazy. I expected it to be good, but I didn’t expect to end up with jam that had the same taste and consistency of the real thing, especially on the first try.

Picture 003

Most importantly, it passed the Wife Test, which can be even more difficult when dealing with spicy dishes. She loved it.

In fact, it’s just the right amount of sweet and spicy, with just enough spiciness to keep things interesting. It’s not overwhelming at all (and a lot of that probably had to do with my decision to de-seed 50% of the peppers I used). It’s really a perfect addition to bread and meat.

I’m going to make a couple of more batches and play around with the recipe here and there. My goal is to try and make something new rather than imitate what I already love. Once I feel I have something solid, I’ll post the recipe here. But there’s a ton of recipes online already if you want to get a head start by yourself.


  1. AK

    Oh man oh man! I LOVE chilli jam! My girl’s sister gave me some once and I got hooked! But it’s like weed, in that if there’s any in the house I will consume it ALL, in a matter of DAYS, so I worry that cooking a gang of it would be a terrible recipe for disaster. Like the last time I tried to cook some jam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrOXNweg_Yw

  2. Christian A. Dumais

    AK: Chili jam is awesome. I still have one jar left, as the other jars have already disappeared quickly. And it’s certainly a recipe for disaster if you’re not careful making it. It requires a lot of attention.

    Thanks for the video, by the way.

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