Reactions to Drunk Hulk’s Gaddafi Tweet

This is a chronological look at the reactions to Drunk Hulk’s Gaddafi tweet. I’ve seen this happen before in previous tweets, but this was pretty overwhelming in terms to how everyone reacted to the news coming from Drunk Hulk. 

Check it out. I think you might be surprised by this. I’m confident that there’s a PhD paper here that’s begging to be written.

shlevy Shea Levy
How is it that this is how I learned this happened? RT@DRUNKHULK: GADDAFI DEAD! NO COOL! DRUNK HULK JUST FIGURE OUT HOW SPELL HIS NAME!

TheCaleStephens Cale Stephens
Is it bad I get my breaking news from @DRUNKHULK ?

pfreet pfreet
@keithmcgreggor Funny, the first mention of said breaking news in my twitter stream was from @DRUNKHULK

glenericreed Glen Eric Reed
Okay, I just learned major news from a @DRUNKHULK retweet by@NoReservations … has it really come to this?

lydia69 Diane M. Martin
I have no idea what it says about me but I just found out about Gadhafi’s death from a tweet by @DRUNKHULK

CoachZuckerman Jay Zuckerman
Two weeks ago, I was not on Twitter & relied on the news to keep me up to date. Now I first learn of Gadhafi’s capture through@Drunkhulk.

deanBarry Dean Adlington
@glenericreed: Okay, I just learned major news from a@DRUNKHULK retweet by @NoReservations … has it really come to this?”. ME TOO!!!

damndilettante Jason Lord
It’s a sign of the times that I first learned of the death of major world figure from @DRUNKHULK.

paulidin Paul Roth
I almost feel like I’d get the breaking news just as fast on twitter via@DRUNKHULK alone.

kanessie Karen Glass
OK, I’m not sure if I can be comfortable hearing major news from@DRUNKHULK before @BBCBreaking#bravenewworld. ?

BATMANassistant batman’s assistant
Pretty amazing and funny that the @DRUNKHULK reported that Gaddhafi died before any major news source

HCoppinger Hope Coppinger
I’m afraid I may have just learned important international news from@drunkhulk. While I’m grateful, I’m also deeply concerned.

pillarofsalt pillarofsalt
Kinda fucked up to hear about major news stories from satire accounts; @DeathStarPR was the first Steve Jobs tweeter,@DRUNKHULK Gaddafi.

monokero Iris
How I found out Gaddafi is dead: @DRUNKHULK tweeted about it. Not sure what this says about me.

pattychase919 Patty Chase
Finding out important world news from @DRUNKHULK is pretty weird.

teacheyd Daniel Teachey
True story: I first heard about Qaddafi’s death on twitter… from@DRUNKHULK. What a world…

dday515 dday515
so @DRUNKHULK just informed me that gadhafi is dead. This is the world I live in.

heldermira Helder Mira

Kat_in_NY Kat_in_NY
What does it say about the world if I learned about Gadhafi’s death from @DRUNKHULK?

joe_is_tweeting joe stephan
I really need to change my morning surfing order. @DRUNKHULKshould not be where I get breaking Gadhafi’s death news.

chambo_SF Michael Chamberlin

jason_sims Jason Sims
Just had major world news broken to me earlier by @DRUNKHULK.#WhyILoveTwitter

tjsander Travis J. Sanders
Can’t believe I found out that Qaddafi died from @drunkhulk

DeanDMX Dean Mayers
I found out about #gadaffi from @DRUNKHULK. I am ashamed. :/

vitriolick vitriolick
@Kat_in_NY you weren’t the only one learn about it from@DRUNKHULK first. Does that say more?

_mandolin amanda
I love how I found out Gaddafi died from @DRUNKHULK before@nytimes

RayS Ray Slakinski
@andersoncooper what @DRUNKHULK is not a valid source?!??!

impenn Mike Surette
I don’t know if it’s sad, or awesome, that in this era of media, I first got news of gadhafi from @DRUNKHULK

namon Namon Washington
RT @glenericreed: Okay, I just learned major news from a@DRUNKHULK retweet by @NoReservations … has it really come to this?

sarathelaundres Sara Wagner
I first learned about the rumors that Gadhafi was dead from@DRUNKHULK, is that a reflection on me? Or a reflection on society?

VultureAM Matthew Malone
I learned of the possibility of gadaffi’s death from @DRUNKHULKbefore any news outlet. There is something wrong with the internet

BrianGoodrich1 Brian Goodrich
Gaddafi is captured and possibly dead and @DRUNKHULK is the only one in my twitter feed to mention it thus far…what a world!

feemcbee Fee McBee
I love that I found out Gaddafi is dead from @DRUNKHULK

k_stocks Kevin
How the hell did I learn about Gaddafi’s death via @drunkhulk

Radioeatsbrain Kimber Price
Wait, did I just learn about big news via @DRUNKHULK ?

enosone A. Lima
Just so you know, I learned about Gaddafi’s death/capture from@drunkhulk and not #CNN or #BBC. Carry on.

seajo Chelsea
Years from now, I’m going to have to remember that I heard about Qaddafi’s death not from a credible news source but from@DRUNKHULK.

clever_cupcakes Clever Cupcakes
Nothing like getting world news from Twitter. The first I heard of #Gadhafi‘s death was from @DRUNKHULK.

VGFreak1225 Peter Schaper
The Twitter account that broke the news to me about Gadhafi was@DRUNKHULK. I don’t know if that says more about me or you guys.

mickathud Elaine K.
@ShakespeareGeek – I learned this from @DRUNKHULK. Hurray, Twitter-age!

mgcuthbert Michael Cuthbert
I just found out about Gadaffi’s death from @DRUNKHULK on twitter. Talk about alternate news source.

katekiefer Kate Kiefer
well, i found out about gaddafi from @drunkhulk.

helliemaes Helliemae’s Caramels
I just learned the #Gaddafi news from @DRUNKHULK. Ok @twitter, you’ve hit a new role in my world.

AdmTaptap Admiral Taptap
@DRUNKHULK I learned of his death from you. How cool/sad is that?

DauneRobinson Daune
RT @breakingnews: US official: Libyan leaders and @drunkhulkhave informed US that Moammar Gadhafi is dead – AP

xfloormattx Matt
@NotAlwaysNews @DRUNKHULK reported he was dead before most were confirming he was captured (on my feed).

hasBen Benjamin Brinkman
despite following multiple news sources, the first mention of Gaddafi in my Twitter feed this morning came from @DRUNKHULK

ohheyadanielle Danielle
I learned about #Gaddafi‘s death via @DRUNKHULK. Drunk Hulk: My newest source for world news! Thank’s Drunk Hulk!

acecuts Ace Cutshaw
I’m feeling very conflicted about the fact that I learned about Gaddafi’s death from @DRUNKHULK

The_Rhonda The Rhonda
I try to stay informed, yet I still receive first word of some important current events from @DRUNKHULK. Not sure if that’s sad or awesome.

roboxstudios David Pietrandrea
I find it wonderfully amusing that I learned Qaddafi had died from@DRUNKHULK

Kraemer Mark W Kraemer
This is the internet. I first heard about Qaddafi’s death from@DRUNKHULK

EvilChick Evil Chick
Will never forget I found out about Gaddafi’s dead from@DRUNKHULK

dasKroop matt krupa
Sign of the 21st century: I first heard news that Gaddafi was killed from @DrunkHulk

benp78 benp78
Raise your hand if you first heard about Gadaffi being killed this morning from @DRUNKHULK. What a surreal world we’re living in.

Bikeflu Josh
I will always remember October 20, 2011 as the day that Gaddafi was killed and I found out about it via @DRUNKHULK

AnitaN AnitaN
I found out Gadhafi was dead from @DRUNKHULK. I don’t know if this is social media at it’s best, or just personal failure.

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Christian A. Dumais is an American writer, humorist and public speaker living in Wrocław, Poland. He has published fiction, journalism, and academic articles in several magazines and journals such as GUD, Shock Totem and Ha!Art. His first collection of short stories, Empty Rooms Lonely Countries, was published in 2009. He also created, edited, and contributed to Cover Stories, a euphictional anthology of 100 stories inspired by songs, which was published in 2010. His most recent book is SMASHED: The Life and Tweets of Drunk Hulk.

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