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Wroclaw Uncut Interview

The folks over at Wroclaw Uncut interviewed Famous Jim Williams, Derrek Carriveau and myself in anticipation of our first “season” of comedy wrapping up. Famous Jim Williams will be doing his year’s worth of material (for the last time) this Sunday night at his “One Year” show. And Derrek and I will follow in our August show (TBA).

It’s a nice little interview, where I say things like:

Creating new material seems to be the biggest burden with every new show. We don’t get a lot of opportunities to get up on stage, and when we do, we want to do new stuff, but we also want to try out the jokes we did last time in an attempt to make them even better. I think I have the biggest advantage when it comes to new material because I tend to react to what’s happening in the world in real time (mostly because of my work as @DRUNKHULK [obligatory plug]), whereas Derrek and Jim are mining honesty out of every day experiences (a much tougher challenge with a far greater reward).

Read the whole thing right here.

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