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English Language Auditing

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Your website's English could be driving clients away.

Having a professional writer and editor with digital marketing knowledge review your website's English content, social media channels, and/or internal documentation can be the first significant step towards really connecting with your target audience in English.

Why the audit matters

I understand the importance of effective communication in today’s global marketplace. Whether you’re a multinational corporation, a startup, or an individual entrepreneur, the quality of your written English content plays a crucial role in shaping your brand image and connecting with your audience. And that’s where I come in.

I specialize in English Language Audits, designed to evaluate the quality of your written English content across various platforms. I identify areas that require improvement and provide actionable insights to enhance the clarity, consistency, and overall impact of your content.

How the audit works

My English Language Audits will provide you with actionable data based on the following key areas:

  1. Grammar & Spelling
  2. Language Use 
  3. Consistency 
  4. Clarity 
  5. Content Analysis

By partnering with me, you gain access to an editor and writer who is passionate about empowering your brand through impeccable written English. I understand the challenges that arise when English is used as a second language, and I’m here to bridge that gap, ensuring that your content shines in the global marketplace.

Why it is important


say they can tell if a website has poorly translated English content.


say they wouldn’t trust a website with bad grammar to provide good service.


notice the quality of spelling and/or grammar on a website.

English Language Audit Rates


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Have your content reviewed by a professionally published writer who has edited and proofread tens of thousands of pages. Yeah, that’s me!

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"Not only did Christian correct all mistakes but also made suggestions that made me even more confident about going forward with my work. All that on a really tight schedule. Highly recommended!!"